Prepare for success!

No one prepares to fail, but many of us fail to prepare!   Being under-prepared can leave us grabbing less healthy options and under-fueling, both of which will hamper our athletic performance and overall health. Taking a half hour on the weekend to write out a menu plan for the week, including grocery list, is one easy step to getting your nutrition in-line. Use cookbooks and online menu planning sites such as Yummly to help you with your menu, then build your grocery list from the recipes you choose. Spend an hour or two chopping raw veggies for snacks, sauteeing or roasting a big batch of veggies for a quick side and prepping one or two stews that you can store in batches in your freezer and pull out during the week. Pack a glass container with those sauteed veggies and some leftovers and you have lunch on the go! This will make it easy to stay on top of you and your family's nutrition during the busy week ahead and you will be amazed at the time you will save by only hitting the store only once a week! Make that list and get after it this week!