People Are Achieving Profound Wellness with Christine!

I started working with Christine two years ago and can’t say enough about how much she has helped me. I am an endurance athlete and strive for the best performance and recovery, and Christine has coached me on what to eat, how to time my meals and snacks, and how to feel great! She has great depth of knowledge and invests her time and resources in personalizing her treatments for each client. I highly recommend using Christine for whatever your goals—you will be thrilled with your results!
— Erica R, Iron Athlete, Nutrition Therapy Client

Christine created a thoughtful and carefully designed cleanse that really supported me in meeting my health goals. The best part was that I learned a ton about really being healthy and eating healthy—not just using will power to get through a program that wouldn’t be sustainable. The new eating habits I have developed are sustainable well past this cleanse and that was the biggest benefit for me personally! Not only did I lose weight, I gained confidence! Christine’s wisdom, enthusiasm and 100% support helped me achieve the program with joy. For anyone looking for a way to reset their diet, learn how to live healthier and do it in a supportive community with a great leader, this is a program I recommend fully. Thank you Christine!!
— Darcy L, Detoxification program client, Iron Athlete

This health challenge was life changing for me. As a 64-year old woman who has grown up on sugar and processed foods, I never thought I could successfully complete this 28-day challenge, but I did!! I feel great, have learned so much and will continue many of the things I have learned as I move forward into my every day life. Christine’s support was indispensable – and her passion for helping me feel better through healthy food choices was contagious! I am looking forward to making this a regular part of my year!
— Linda B, Two-time detoxification program client , IBS sufferer

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It’s one thing to want to change, it is another to be equipped with the guidance and knowledge to implement the change. I think Christine’s Health Challenge bridges that gap. I believe there are many people who want to change but don’t know where to start. I lost eleven pounds without counting a single calorie. More importantly, after about five days I started to feel great. I had more energy and didn’t have the urge to take a mid-afternoon nap!”
— Jason M, Detoxification program client, Iron Athlete
I highly recommend working with Christine. She and I worked together over several months to develop a strategy for eating healthy whole foods while lowering my blood sugar. I am active, not overweight 50-year-old with very specific tastes but also dietary restrictions because of a severe food allergy. Christine listened and researched options and made thoughtful, appropriate recommendations. The result was that my blood sugar is now firmly in a healthy range and my diet is more diverse and satisfying. She is an absolute delight to work with.
— Gretchen B, Vail