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Nutrition Therapy Can Help You Achieve Your Goals In These Areas and Many More!

  • Weight Management

  • Poor Digestion

  • Imbalanced Hormones

  • Compromised Immunity

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • Poor Mood, Anxiety and Depression

  • Autoimmune Dysfunction*

  • Cardiac Health

  • Cancer Prevention

  • Prenatal Nutrition

  • Low Energy

  • Detoxification

  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities

  • Sports Nutrition


*Autoimmune dysfunction can include: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, Grave's Disease, Fibromyalgia...


One-on-one consults

  • 75-Minute Initial Case Review $150 - Order

In our first session we will dig deep into your story! This includes your health history, symptoms and goals. Intake forms are available for download on this site. Please print, fill them out and bring them to our first meeting so that we can hit the ground running! We will set 3-5 small and manageable goals at this meeting to get you started on your journey.

After this meeting I will prepare an action plan that includes; an assessment, recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle and supplements, recipes and resources specific to your situation (handouts and web references).


  • 60-Minute Follow-Up $115

I prefer to meet with you within two weeks so that I can present and explain the action plan, check in with you on how the small and manageable goals are working and get you moving toward profound wellness!

Value packages include continued follow-up meetings that give us an opportunity to evaluate and tweak your plans and goals accordingly to keep you on track!


True change comes with time, commitment, accountability, education and support. I have found that my multiple-visit packages help clients achieve their goals more successfully.

  • 3-Month Package $350 - Order

75-minute inclusive case review with full individualized report and menu plan. Up to 2 x 60 minute follow-up visits.

  • 6-Month Package $650 - Order

75-minute inclusive case review with full individualized report and menu plan. Up to 5 x 60 minute follow-up visits.

Continued Wellness

Continued Wellness Plan $75/month - Order

  • This plan provides monthly support and education to keep you on courser for your journey to profound wellness. Each month I provide 60 minutes of in-person (or virtual) support. This time can be used either as a single 60 minute session or 2 x 30 minute sessions. I will also include resources, recipes and education materials to help you reach your personal goals. We will work on accountability, maintaining healthy habits, food preparation, shopping and any other areas in which you need support. Perfect for clients who are facing challenging health conditions, training for athletic endeavors or working on weight management.


Pantry Rehab and Menu Planning

Pantry Rehab and Menu Planning Consult - $125 - Order

  • In this 90-minute in-home pantry and refrigerator makeover we will explore healthful substitutes for some of those less healthy processed items that may not be supporting your desire for profound wellness. None of us plans to fail, we merely fail to plan. This plan will provide you with the tools you need to be successful in your menu planning and grocery store navigation so that you can set yourself up for success with nourishing meals each week!

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21-day anti-inflammatory reset

  • 21-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reset - $30 - Order

This plan includes an introductory package to get you started, 3 weeks of tips and recipes, a Facebook accountability page and access to me for support and education along the way. This is a fabulous way to reduce systemic inflammation, fine-tune your eating habits, determine potential food sensitivities and achieve profound wellness. 

Please print and complete the following forms before our initial consult and bring them to our first visit.

Payments are due at the time of the first appointment and are non-refundable. Checks payable to Profound Wellness of Vail or cash are accepted. Credit card payments may be made online only. Profound Wellness of Vail does not accept or bill insurance. Pricing includes consultations only. Recommended supplements sold separately. Note that prices shown are for payment by check or cash. Costs will be slightly more when paid via credit cards or PayPal.