Christine Pierangeli


As a certified Master Nutrition Therapist, I focus our work on understanding your unique nutrition and lifestyle needs.

Profound wellness is not a one-size-fits all endeavor. Together we will explore all aspects of your health including: nutrition, lifestyle, hydration, movement, sleep and mindset in order to reach the root cause of the health concerns that are preventing you from feeling your very best.




Hippocrates said it best! "Let Food Be Thy Medicine." Using a whole foods diet, with minimal supplementation when necessary, helps us stay nourished. 



Good hydration isn't just for athletes! Drinking plenty of tasty, filtered water helps us digest our food, boost our metabolism, and feel refreshed and energized.

Health Solutions

Health conditions are best tackled with a science-based approach tailored to each person's bio-individual needs.


With the power to boost our mood, our immunity, our hormone balance, our heart health and so much more, most of us could use more movement in our daily lives!



How we deal with daily stressors impacts our health in so many ways. Cultivating positive thoughts and attitudes can help us cope more easily with our daily life.


Sufficient sleep helps us reduce stress, build a healthy immune system, prevent memory loss and even fight cancer! The verdict is in, sleep is health protective!

I cannot wait to help you feel your best and achieve your goals!


One-on-one services

20-Minute Free Phone Consult

75-Minute Initial Case Review

60-Minute Follow-Up

Value Packages

3-Month Package

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Other Services

Pantry Rehab and Menu Planning

Continued Wellness

Christine’s in-depth training in nutrition and health has provided her with a fresh perspective on food, training, and wellness. Her down-to-earth personality and passion for her work can’t help but inspire anyone struggling with the fine balance between intake and output. She goes above and beyond to promote wellness from the inside out and I would highly recommend her as a resource to anyone who is interested in optimizing their own health and well-being.
— Elisabeth R, Nutrition Therapy Client

I look forward to hearing from you.  

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