The holidays have arrived!

You've heard it all before, "during the holidays eat the goodies, but do so in MODERATION!" In my work as a nutrition therapist I have learned that moderation does NOT work for everyone. Some folks can eat just one cookie a day from now until January 1st, while others cannot fathom that type of restraint! You need to find what works for YOU during this very challenging season. Some folks need to eat a healthy meal before they go to the holiday party in order to avoid overindulging! Some folks find that avoiding the crackers and cookies completely is the best strategy. Other tools that  might work include drinking a glass of water between each cocktail, starting with a salad  before diving into the crab puffs so you feel full and eat less or enjoying the ONE cookie that looks amazing  and not having number two. The point is, you need to know what makes you tick this holiday and build your own strategy. So give it some thought, write in a journal about how you feel and what work well for you. Feel good knowing you went into this holiday season with a plan. Avoid the guilt, enjoy the gatherings and feel truly nourished by this joyful holiday season!